Nuna Localization is a leading translation and localization company based in Istanbul, Turkey. Founded in 2005 and established second office in Izmir in 2016. Initially focused on providing Turkish language solutions, the company expanded its services to include multilingual solutions addressing the localization and globalization needs of local and international corporate customers alike.

Our customer-oriented approach and timely delivery of quality work within budget helped Nuna Localization become the preferred localization partner for various industry-leading corporations active in the line of technology, software, and life sciences. The adoption of state-of-the-art technologies and industry-wide accepted workflow management systems allows us to provide our customers with accurate and consistent translations and services spanning multiple projects.

Our team consists of in-house project managers, translators, editors in addition to a selected pool of quality freelance translators who are hand-picked based on their subject matter expertise.

All of our translation services are carried out in compliance with internationally accepted standards. Nuna Localization is EN17100 (Translation services — Requirements for translation services), EN18587(Translation services — Post-editing of machine translation output — Requirements) and ISO45001 (Occupational Health And Safety) certified.

According to KOSGEB’s (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization) Enterprise Assessment Report, Nuna Localization is one of the largest localization providers in Turkey. In terms of net sales, Nuna Localization ranked 22nd out of 758 industry peers (2020) and 24th out of 653 (2019).  And according to the Turkish Exporters Assembly, Nuna Localization is one of Turkey’s leading localization providers in terms of exported services: “Turkey’s Top 500 Service Exporters Survey” ranked us 421st for 2015, 487th for 2016, and 464th for 2017 (no data after 2017).