The current range of electronic devices is quite different from the past: Drones, smart phones, streaming devices, wearable technologies, 3-D printers, AMOLED flat screens and so forth are introduced to the market at a breakneck pace. Their mere existence would have been unthinkable mere 20 years ago. The technology and terminology used for their design, manufacture, and technical support is rapidly changing as well, which necessitates that translation services keep up. Wherever their place of origin, those innovations spread out to every corner of the world.

Nuna Localization and its specialized team of translators and editors offer their clients comprehensive translation services in the field of consumer electronics. Throughout the process, Nuna Localization meticulously maintains and manages respective terminology lists of clients while using state-of-the-art technologies and systems to translate, edit, and store documents on a central and secure platform. No matter how large the amount of documentation is, we are always able to swiftly access all of the clients’ previously translated texts, ensuring that engineers, designers, and marketing staff can rapidly access accurate, consistent, and high quality translations.